Monday, August 20, 2007

A lesson in Lean - Banish worry and doubt

When you were very young, you developed an astounding number of new skills in a short period of time. You quickly worked your way from a helpless infant into a capable and knowledgeable young person.

How were you able to make such rapid progress? One big reason why you moved ahead so quickly was because you weren't worried about making mistakes.

Certainly you did make your share of mistakes. You fell down while learning to walk, and used the wrong words while learning to talk.

And yet, you persisted, undeterred by your past errors and unimpeded by the prospect of more mistakes. You had an unshakable faith that you would eventually get it right, and indeed you did.

When your focus is only on avoiding mistakes, you avoid achievement as well. Being constantly worried about getting it wrong prevents you from getting it right.

Choose to learn one more important lesson from the rapid progress you achieved as a child. Banish worry and doubt from your efforts, and see how very much more quickly you move forward.

-- Ralph Marston

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