Sunday, August 26, 2007

Room Hunting? find it for free is Singapore's largest and easiest to use Internet rooms database! (Read the Straits Times article!) In just a short period, emerged from Original: hobby project to a full-blown room rental portal which aims to provide SingaporeansOriginal: and all others who want to find or rent out a room in Singapore a simple and easy to use tool, and the most we like: it is completely free of charge!

Rent or rental for a room (master room, common room, etc), hdb, condo, apartment or any other types of housing/rooms in Singapore, you will easily get your informations by visiting the site. 9~;z*EltF3u/`0Unlike other room rental websites, do not require room seekers to register with them when they use It's even the same when the house owner post an ad, he just have to provide a valid email address, that's all! It's that simple.

I first heard about when i visited Original: friend in Singapore last month, he find the room he stay now via when he first Original: to work in Singapore. He told me luckly he find Original: room via, or else he will take a long time to find a please to stay down and start his new life. But that time just available in Singapore area, Malaysian have no chance to enjoy the service and benefits.


Anyway, I am happy to share out thisOriginal: great new: The expansion of starts today, is now available for Kuala Lumpur as well! just went online in a beta version! So when you loved for SingaporeOriginal: and now you need to find a room in Kuala Lumpur, you know where to go! Just find it out and you will find Original: differents. - rent a room in KL

For Original: promosion period, also come up a new advertising scheme with As a blogger, you can write a review and get aA 1-3 month campaign + bonus!
Join now, to share the good things with all, andOriginal: at the Original: time, gain your income!

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