Saturday, September 15, 2007

Are You Advertleter?

Never heard about Advertlets before?
If you are a Malaysian or a Singaporian blogger, then you might be out-to-date.

"Bloggers make money doing what they love" this is one of the clasic slogan from Advertles, which is one of the leading blog advertising network in Asia! It's very popular among Malaysia and Singapore bloggers now.

Many of us use adsense, looking for a better income, yes as what i do as well.
But with adsense we might need to wait for quite a long time to cash out, with a minimum USD100. Why not at the same time, we try which the minimum to cash out is just RM100, and the more i like is, it provide CPR (cost per read), which mean you get paid every time got visitor visit to your blog. WOW!

Well, i think not need to explain more as you will find all the informations you need at what you have to do is just register, and get a code to put in your blog, then you will find the differents!

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