Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Bonsai Cat"

A HUGE internet prank. some people stated it by posting fake petitions on websites talking about an invention called "bonsai cats" where supposadly young kittens are put in too-small glass jars so they would grow into the shape of the jar. the petitions include a link to a very elaborate fake website, which includes a place to order bonsai cat supplys (FAKE), a disscusion board (the people are FAKE), and pictures (the pics are fake, they never show a completed bonsai cat)
bonsai cats have fooled tons of people, don't be ashamed if you are a victim.
what do do if you were fooled by Bonsai Cats (and you're embarassed):
1)look it up on google
2)check out the website, the clues are all over the place
3)think of the people who crated it (you'll feel less pathetic)
4)it doesn't make you an idiot, the FBI (or something really big) had to investigate it just to prove it was wrong
5)think about who you heard it from: they were fooled too!

but the website DOES have this hella funny link to it that says "I CUBED MY CAT!"
...but thats fake too...

"Bonsai Cat" - pls pass around...THANKS
I think this is too cruel to the cats! How can people has the heart to do this!!!


Mickyfin said...

Bonsai cats are great! :)

Joanna Lye said...

open the lid! open the lid! omg its no good prank at all

宝茹 said...

Wahhhh...poor cats. :(

3POINT8 said...

Yup, bonsai cats! What a big prank!

There are alot of pranks circulating in the web. Like the "Forward this mail, and AOL will pay us $0.01 for each mail forwarded" and stuff like "hotmail/yahoo/gmail/friendster is closing"

YEN XOXO said...

Wa... pity those cats.. It's such cruelty done towards them.. *sobs*

摆渡人 said...


Jian said...

noooo how could them :(
play such prank

Jemma. said...

well shows how much you know mate!
we had to shut the site down about a year ago where you could get the real bonsai cats and they were far from fake!

alex said...

If i ever found out who you were i would beat the shit out of you for doing this to a cat or anything else

Anonymous said...

No.. bad idea.. You should look him up in a bottle for the rest of his life! May be have him as a dekoration in the livingroom or something

Chantal said...

You write very well.

Anonymous said...

Whoever did that prank probably got some real cats killed then...cause you know there were idiots out there who actually tried to pull it off themselves...sick people...

Anonymous said...

I'm only 11 and I know that's a horrible thing to do to God's creature that's a law to harm any animal I shure do hope that its not real whomever made that up I wish that a cat would put you in a bottle for the rest of your sick little life then put you in jail:(

Anonymous said...

ich wünschte man würde euch mal in so ein Glas stecken. Stell dir mal vor,euch würde die Scheisse mit einem Schlauch aus dem Arsch gesogen, und die Nahrung würde euch in den Magen gepumpt!!

Haben Tiere den keine Rechte?

Und wenn es euer einziger Verdienst ist der ihr zum Lebem braucht, probiert doch mal was neues aus, stülpt euch doch ainfach so einen Glasbehälter über den Kopf, würde sich sicher gut anfühlen-.-

Anonymous said...




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