Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Be Aware when parking yr car in McD Franchise‎ (Penang)

Pls help to distribute this email to yr friend to avoid the sameincident happen & wasting unnecessay money. :)

McDonald Autocity has a new rule on their parking lots (Maybe this isnot a new rules just I did not noticed on that). Anyone who parks theircars at their parking lots (even though you are their customers) formore than 2 hours, their tires will be clamped.

Subsequently, you needto pay RM50 just to open the car clamp. They have displayed the noticeregarding this and there will be no warning letter issue out even thoughyou have done it on first time (no chance given L).

McDonald Greenland has the same rule as well. If you park yr car morethan certain period, you will be fined. However, this franchise willfirst issue the warning letter before clamp your tire (my friend hasexperienced it). I heard from McD Autocity's staff that there is one more "private carpark" in Butterworth which do not allow their customers to park theircar more than 45 minutes. Else, your car's tire will be clamped and youwill be fined just to open the lock.

Thus, in future, while you park your car in any McD franchise, pls beaware on the sign board (it is hardly to be noticed due to the colortone and the landscaping around). They did not have any standardization on this rule for all McDFranchises.

Feedback already provided to their head quarter but there isno response from them. Thanks and hope that you all still can enjoy yr meal in McD. warmest regards, ***I have asked a lot of people about this. More than 90% people do notaware on this rule.

Thus, pls help to distribute this message to yr friend to avoid the same incident happen & wasting unnecessay money. :)

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